How the Untagged Beat Delivery Works ( Voice Tag Info )

When you add a beat to your beat store you will upload multiple versions of the beat.

  • Tagged Beat – This is the tagged preview version of your beat. You must add tags manually before uploading.
  • Untagged Beat – This can be a WAV or MP3, in a ZIP file.

Once your visitor pays for a beat, they are redirected to a download page to download the untagged beat, and are sent a email confirmation with download link as well.

In the beat store settings under the MISC tab you can limit the number of times a download link can be clicked. By default the download link count is 3 times, then it expires.

What is a leased beat?

When you lease a beat you are basically paying a small fee to license that beat for a limited use. You do not own that beat but you have the right to use it for certain purposes. The beat will still be available for others to lease unless you buy an ‘exclusive’ license.

How do I give proper credit to DJ G-Nius The Beat Provider ?

Proper credit is given as follows in written form: ‘Beat by The Beat Provider’; ‘Beat produced by The Beat Provider’; ‘Beat by TheBeatProvider.com’. Downloadable files need to include ‘(Beat by Thebeatprovider)’ within the filename. All displayed and uploaded online content needs to include written credit in either the title or description. Hard copies such as CDs, LPs, etc. need to include written credit in booklets, covers or labels.

Can I re-sell the beats() after purchasing a lisence?

NO! You are NOT allowed to re-sell the beat(s) or transfer your license-rights to the beat(s) to a third person. Legal action will take place

I still have questions that are not on the FAQ’s

Please contact via email gniusmusicgroup@gmail.com

Can I change my beats after purchase or get a refund if I don’t use them?

There is a strict NO REFUND policy on digitally delivered products, see terms and conditions. All items marked for sale on this website and marketplaces we offer our products, are for digital download only. We do not deliver any physical goods to you for purchases. As a result, all sales on digital downloadable goods are final and we cannot offer a refund for something we cannot take back. In rare cases of duplicate purchases, or other rare circumstances, we will match what you paid with an item of equal or similar value. By making a purchase you have agreed to these terms and conditions. It is therefore also not possible to change beats afterwards if your license document has already been issued. All beats can be heard and downloaded as tagged versions before purchase. The beats are also audible in the store. You need to take care and make sure that you order the right beats!

What happens to someone who violates against your terms?

If someone does not have a license to use DJ G-Nius THE BEAT PROVIDER beat(s) on commercial or profitable mediums, LEGAL ACTION WILL TAKE PLACE. Anybody found to be abusing the privileges and terms & conditions on my sites and marketplaces will FACE CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT FOR COPY RIGHT INFRINGEMENT.